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Final Reflection

My apologies for the late post. Thank you to the Madrid team for sharing your work with us this semester! What I learned I think the main thing I gained from the exchange was improved presentation skills. We had to … Continue reading

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Reflection #3

I appreciated the systematic approach to the Madrid team’s analysis. I thought they had some interested ideas for how to make the buildings more climate friendly, comfortable and efficient. I would be curious to see cost estimates for the different … Continue reading

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Reflection on Second Meeting with Madrid

First of all, thank you for the wonderful presentation, Madrid team. It gave us some ideas of what we can do differently in our analysis and visual presentation going forward. I’m mostly struck by how these two studio classes are … Continue reading

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Response to First Skype Meeting with Madrid

The demographic differences between Fields Corner in Boston and Ciudad de Los Angeles in Madrid stood out to me. As the Madrid team mentioned, their neighborhood is almost entirely Spanish-born, whereas Fields Corner has a long history as being an … Continue reading

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