MIT exhibition at the Keller Gallery: Dec. 19- Feb. 15

Sustainable and Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization. A parallel workshop between Boston and Madrid

Strategies for solving urban planning problems have become increasingly global in nature, reflecting the similarity in challenges cities face in a globalized economy and a changing physical climate. In order to share knowledge across international boundaries, planning institutions increasingly seek to understand how similar problems are being addressed from different cultural perspectives, methodologies, and legal regulations. This approach formed the basis for the Parallel Workshop for Sustainable & Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization held in the spring of 2012 by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Departamento de Urbanística y Ordenación del Territorio (DUyOT) at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

The workshop focused on contemporary urban challenges from two very different national perspectives and formulated proposals for two different neighborhoods—Ciudad de los Angeles in Madrid, and Fields Corner in Boston— working closely with local community-based organizations. On the occasion of the exhibition, a half-day symposium will be held to discuss the experience of community-university partnerships between MIT´s Department of Urban Studies and Planning and community organizations from the Boston area.

Exhibition: December 19, 2012- February 15, 2013 at the Keller Gallery, MIT
Symposium:  Thursday, January 17, 2013 (5-9pm). Location 9-450, MIT

Keller Gallery MIT
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 7-408
Cambridge, MA 02139
How to get there


INSTRUCTORS: James Buckley, Patricia Molina Costa
STUDENTS: Viktorija Abolina, Elena Alschuler, Caroline Bird, Brian Daly, Jay Gordon, Melissa Higbee, Ksenia Mokrushina, Adi Nochur, Dan Rinzler, Erica Simmons, Michael Tuori, Dong Wang.

INSTRUCTORS: Ester Higueras, Nagore Urrutia
STUDENTS: Marco Peña, Jorge Carretero, Maria Datseri, Macarena Fernandez, Ernesto García, Ugaitz Iturbe, Jose Francisco Lazarte, Eliza Mecatti, Mª Victoria Sánchez, David Velez.

Project Coordination: Patricia Molina Costa

Special thanks to:

In Madrid: Agustín Arroyo, Miguel Angel Gálvez, Agustín Hernández Aja, Francisco Lamíquiz, Luis Maldonado, Emilio Mínguez, Juan Monjo, Daniel Morcillo, Fermín Oslé, Emilia Román, Álvaro Sevilla, Alejandro Tamayo, Lucila Urda

In Boston: IIndira Alvarez, Lina Arias, Zack Boyd, cron team, Evelyn Darling, Eric Gardner, Ezra Glenn, Alicia Goldstein, My Lam, Bruce Ledgerwood, Lourdes Lopez, Josh Lynch, David MacLellan, Henry McGovern, Harvey Michaels, Alison Moronta, Long Nguyen, Mihir Parikh, Nam Pham, Pablo Rey Mazón, Karl Seidman, Amy Stitely, Bradford Swing, Joel Wool, Martin Walsh, Aspasia Xypolia.

MIT exhibition and symposium made possible with generous support from DUSP, HCED and MISTI-Spain

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