Last meeting

Hi everyone, this is David, from ETSAM-Madrid, I’d like to apologyse for the delay of my coments, but we are going through the final lap of our master degree, so we do not have enough time…

I also would like to thank you for this great experience. It has been really nice to share the results of our projects, and having the chance to make some reflections about the way both teams have approached to the problems of the neighbourhoods.

It is obvious, as some of us have pointed, that the final products of both teams are really different. Even if it is enriching to see that approach to the neighborhood problems, I guess that, for next experiences it would be good if both teams would work on the same neighbourhood, cause’ in some cases it has been kinda difficult to give an opinion or critic to the MIT’s project, due to the fact tha we have not been in the whole development of the project, so it has not been possible to share your reflections…

Hope to see the final presentation of the panels here in Madrid!

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