Final Meeting

Hi everybody!,

At first I would like to say sorry for the delay, at the moment we are on the last period to finish the master degree and we have a lot of work.

I am really surprised with both group of work, I think this experience has been successfully because we have had the opportunity to learn another ways of work, and two ways of study the same problem, however, I have detected some problems that it could be fixed in futures workshops.

I think the main title of our workshop has been perfect (Parallel Workshop DUS-DUyOT), because, in fact, this experience has been parallel in all aspects, I think we have not achieved a total contact between us (maybe for the language, maybe for the neighbourhoods or maybe for our way of work, I do not know…), you told us your experience and work developed and we told you our experience and work, but I think has missed a point of connection between both group of work.

Maybe, if we had had the same neighbourhoods in another country, the results had been different, or not. Anyway, this is only a reflection because I have missed this point of connection between us. But I think all people have made a great work, and I am proud to be a little part of this experience.

So, I wish to everyone all the best with your final work and I hope to meet you soon, thanks for all to everybody!

Best regards.


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